Coaching Model

Creative Solutions Hub LLC. Coaching Model

Your performance is a prime indicator of your success personally and professionally. Improve your performance and improve your networking strength, your ability to compete at a high level, your earning potential, your relationships, your quality of life and your accessibility to future growth opportunities. Simply put, High-Level Performance is Power.

The Creative Solutions Hub Coaching Model consists of:

Goal Setting

  • Goal setting.
  • Identifying blocks to your goal.
  • Strategy building.
  • and a Tailored implementation plan.

The coaching model supplements the client’s progress with performance coaching that focuses on improving:

Creative Solutions Hub

  • Self-Mastery
  • Concentration
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Elimination of Limiting Beliefs
  • Soft/Hard skills
  • As well as Time/Energy management.

An additional feature of the Creative Solutions Hub Performance Coaching Model is a focus on mindful breathing. Mindful breathing can be an effective tool in minimizing anxiety, fostering relaxation and promoting lucid visualization and thinking. Our ultra-fast paced culture has turned us into a society of beings with inefficient breathing patterns. Breathing exercises can be an effective compliment to the verbal dialogue of performance coaching.

Whether your goal is to be more competitive in your career by making yourself a force to be reckoned with, or if it is to balance your personal life in a way to maximize your highest potential and happiness, or anything in between, Creative Solutions Hub Performance Coaching can get you there!

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