Have you ever had that nagging feeling or voice in your head telling you, “You are stuck?”

And so it begins, the rut, the slump, the deepening hole of despair.

Are you feeling trapped by the same old routine, your career, job, relationship, or your past? If so, the answer may not be why you’re stuck, but IF you’re actually stuck. There is something in our external environment that feels restrictive to us.

The arch nemesis of being stuck is a lack of good perspective. Your mindset is the lens through which you see, perceive, and react to things. How do you fix it, exactly?

Well, the right mindset changes everything.
Our minds can be a master illusionist. It is designed to see details and not the bigger picture.

Tame your inner Siegfried & Roy by asking yourself questions that prompt new ways of seeing things.

Views that are expansive rather than reductive. Zoom out for the big picture, and then zoom in to your targeted field of view.

We tend to approach issues or perceive situations in ways that are most familiar to us. Relying on a narrow set of ways of thinking is like wearing a mental straight jacket.

Reach for a solution-based mindset or mental model rather than a “kicking and screaming” approach.

Assume that there is a solution out there that will solve your problem and You can feel unstuck and improve your quality of life. You just have to change your mindset, which you can do (duh!).

Next, get into the habit of putting your pen to paper. Your thoughts are restless, so give them a place to lay down and rest. By doing so, you disarm the thoughts and can approach them with less trepidation.

While we try endlessly to figure things out in our heads, most times, our efforts prove to be a poor way to manage your energy and get clarity.
Instead, create a new self-dialogue:

You: “I feel stuck

Inner Voice: “Why do I feel stuck?”

You: “I’m not really stuck; I’m ok and will figure things out one step at a time.”

Takeaway: Train your mind to think better. Ask better questions and get better results.

Once you utilize this new way of thinking, you will be able to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

If you still feel stuck after reading this, schedule a call with me and we will navigate through the tangled weeds together.


Now go kick some ass

Beatrice Faulkner