Career Coaching:


Job searches are taking on a new meaning, with work life balance, flexibility, and nontoxic culture as the impetus.

I help busy professionals with strategic planning to lay out the long-term, broad goals they want to achieve while outlining the tactical plan. My clients are coached on things like:


  • Repackaging their skills and experience
  • Executive presence
  • Finding a balance between work, home, community service responsibilities, and self
  • Becoming top performers in their workplace
  • How to move into less metric based careers
  • Making decisions between a lateral job change that will expand their skills vs. a new job that comes with higher pay and a better title
  • What to do when their skillset is strong but highly niche
  • Understanding why their resume keeps getting passed over
  • Diving into why they are getting job interviews—but no offers
  • What to do if they are falling behind in technology skills or having trouble keeping up
  • How to balance results from online strength aptitude assessments and their intuition to make sound career decisions
  • How to develop a powerful presence at work
  • Maintaining good mental health in the workplace

Includes: 4 calls, 55 minutes, email support between sessions.