“Beatrice Faulkner helped me develop a personal career goal with a concise design. She utilized a broad range of communication skills to help me penetrate and execute my personal achievement process. She has helicopter vision which really helped me pinpoint the obstacles that prevented me from progressing as well as realistic solutions to overcome them.

She is an objective, positive supporter. Her delivery is naturally motivating so clients will not stsy mired in the past. She allows proper time between sessions so as to allow individuals time to integrate new ways of thinking in the interim. She is uplifting and motivates clients to take action at the end of each coaching call/session. Most importantly, the sessions do not feel like counseling, as it isn’t and should not be.

Beatrice Noel encourages real life chance and forward motion. She is a courage catalyst.”

Elizabeth M.

“Mrs. Faulkner is a true professional. Our sessions were easy flowing and reciprocal. She is a great listener and asks the questions needed to get a great understanding of my particular situation.

I felt comfortable and relaxed given my apprehension to trust people. Her personality and soft spoken tone made the sessions feel like quick conversations. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Pierre J.

“I started working with Creative Solutions just to try something new. I didn’t think I really needed such services, but now I’m glad I did seize the opportunity because it enhanced me. Beatrice has helped me to reprioritize my life so that my time and efforts align with my short-term and long-term goals. All too often, we tend to lose sight of our means vs our ends. Through her coaching, Beatrice guided my thoughts and feelings into balance and overall tranquility. I highly recommend her fulfilling services.

"I Can Help You Succeed Personally And Professionally"

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